The ongoing mystery of Andrea’s makeup: The Walking Dead

First of all let’s get one thing straight here buddy. You’ve been running away from zombies for 7 months straight. Seven months in the woods with no food, water, accommodation, or hand sanitizer. In theory you should smell like shit, and look closer to zombie than a human. You then get saved by a badass bitch with a cape and two walkers on a leash and very kindly she continues to protect your sorry ass during the large break between season 2 and 3 (AMC never do that to us again) while you basically wither away and become a shadow of your former gun-toting, shane-shagging glory. Then we witness you on the verge of death….you had a hypothermia/nausea/fever thing going on and I hoped thought you were as good as gone. Even when the governor (not in a cockney sense of the word) found you, you were spewing your guts out behind a tree like a hot mess while Michonne was unenthusiastically holding the fort. So why then, a couple of days later, do we see you, looking like this??

‘all that running gave my skin a healthy golden glow’

Did I miss something?… that lipstick Andrea??

I know if I were in the end of days, my hair would be the first thing to be like ‘fuck you I’ll do whatever the fuck I want thanks’ and basically go nuts. Two days without products, and I’m pretty sure I’d throw myself to a walker. The fact that her golden locks are so intact is possibly the most unrealistic aspect of said apocalypse. Also….the eyebrows are rather groomed for someone who’s been on the verge of death. Forget who’s been mowing the grass outside the prison, who the fuck has been threading Andreas eyebrows?

I’m more suspicious of this scenario then I am of the governor and his pickled zombie collection…..TBC

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