Michonne’s awkward arrival

I dont know you guys….These last few episodes have made me kinda mad, all that drama and now this ‘nothing till February’ bullshit. This whole situation feels ruthless and unfair.


Anyway I don’t even want to TALK about the cliffhanger…(i will eventually, I just cant discuss it at the moment, its all very fresh), instead I’d like to discuss Michonne today, Its well overdue (mainly due to the fact that shes a BOSS who deserves recognition), more specifically however, I’d like to ponder over Michonne and her introduction to the group….

Now, can someone kindly shed some light into why Rick felt the need to spray Evian on Michonnes boobs to get her to wake up? I mean WTF?! like seriously…as if we didnt have enough to worry about with Glenn getting battered by Redneck Abu Hamza, and Maggie almost being raped by Ted Bundy and then that AWKWARD scene. 


Was that logic Rick? Is that the way one treats a badass bitch after she almost gets killed Rick? (whilst trying to give you your supplies, your such a dick sometimes RICK). What the hell was the thought in that….lets break this down:

  • A woman with a sword, who looks like shes not fucking around comes to the gates of your lodgings
  • That same woman has been shot and still walked it like the badass she is
  • That same woman is covered in walker blood and is standing side by side to them indicating that shes pretty intelligent and deserves your respect
  • That same woman is carrying supplies for you and your (but potentially not your) baby, indicating she knows what time it is
  • That same woman almost gets knocked out again and has to butcher some zombies WHILST limping.

….and what do you do Rick? You spray Evian on her boobs.


Have some humanity

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