Men of the Apocalypse-Terminus edition

A definitive list of my favourite ‘end of the world thanks to a zombie outbreak’ survivors.



George Clooney as Seth Gecko- From Dusk Till Dawn


Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love


He may play a violent criminal in this Action/Thriller/Horror/Western, but of course, violent criminals are good in an apocalypse. As long as he doesn’t come with his psychopath rapist brother, then we’re good. Also he’s George Clooney…so I’m down with that.


Will Smith as Robert Neville. I am Legend


Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

I’m being a bit of a renegade and going for Robert because most people don’t even really recognise this as a zombie film. BUT IT IS DAMMIT. And he’s the only survivor, and he’s got survival down to a fine art. So he makes the list.


Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon-The Walking Dead



Bill Murray as Bill Murray-Zombieland

'It's just Bill now I think'

‘It’s just Bill now I think’

Bill is a god amongst men. And a fake zombie amongst zombies

Cilian Murphy as Jim- 28 Days Later



‘You better include him’ thought many of you through gritted teeth. You thought I did another trash list didn’t you?

Jim walks through the empty streets of London in a hospital PJs for a long time, and then a lot of bad shit happens. He gets through it though, and doesn’t loose his mind like Rick. For that, and for saving Selena and Hannah, You Jim are my 5th Soldier of the apocalypse.

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