Night of the Living Dead….a night with Nu Goths and other stuff I dont understand

I went out the other night and saw a whole lot of this going on.


Not that Bjork, the mid-ninetees, or brothel creepers trouble me. Its just I’ve never really seen it all together. On one person.

Heres another example of what I mean


Do you get it?

I dont get it?

Should I get it?

I always thought goths were goths (im not a goth FYI, I like innapropriate Bodycon and stilettos…gotta keep it classy).

Thats why this scenario really confused me.

The official term is ‘nu-goth’. Alternatively a ‘pastel goth’


Sometimes a ‘ghetto-goth’



seriously though. more like this


Now heres the funniest part. We were at a UK garage night (to my American friends UK garage is comparable to miami base or chicago house). This does not seem like the ideal breeding ground for goths, hipsters, pastel goths, upside down crosses, or john lennon glasses.

Oh and they played a lot of hip hop

Which is when we started to see a few of these


And Left

Zombies exist……they exist

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