The one where Rick goes Nuts; Episode Re-cap

*Warning-Contains Spoilers*

The first episode of the new season took a bizarre twist, which lead to very conflicted messages as to what would be the fate of the group, and what would happen to some of our key characters after the whole incident at Woodbury. As it currently stands Rick is slowly losing his mind, and needs to find a way of washing his hair before it creates its own eco-system, everyone still hates Andrea and wishes she’d stop wearing combats, and Daryl needs to come back before we gouge our eyes out. With that established we can move on swiftly to what happens in the new episode, which has done a lot to tie up nasty loose ends.

Andrea (die already) is torn between woodbury, getting wood, and potentially going back to the people who actually gave a shit. Despite the heads in the fish tanks and the zombie daughter in the closet Andrea (still) sees the governor as a ‘good guy’ with good intentions and has the obligatory ‘what shall we do to rebuild the community’ chat with him, which feels very much like re-hashed deja vu. The governor tells her that he wants her to guide the community (basically entertaining her power hungry gene so she can keep her nose out of his business) because hes feeling a little ‘crazy’ and needs some time out. She pretends to reluctantly accept her new role, puts her blue combats and boots on, and goes out ball-breaking.


Meanwhile, Rick is progressively getting worse, hes sweating profusely, getting really shouty at everyone, and generally acting like martin sheen in the intro of apocalypse now. He then seeing apparitions of his dead wife everywhere he turns, (but she has stopped calling him, which is a relief) and spends the morning chasing around her ghost in the fields nearby, thus successfully ignoring his new-born, his son, and the rest of the group. Once again being the leader we have grown to love.


Whilst all that’s popping off, Daryl realises that his brother Merl is, in actual fact, a flaccid penis, so makes the decison to go back to the prison and be around people he can genuinely trust. Merl realises that hes useless on his own and follows our favourite character back to his original lodgings (i have this whole theory on Merl being really insecure, which is why he has all that rascism and bravado, but i’ll save that for another post). This is all after Daryl promptly saves a newborn, a woman and two grown men from a herd. Like a boss

Glen and Maggie are using their time at the prison as a perfect opportunity to have a domestic. Glen’s super pissed off about being tortured and wants to go back to woodbury and shank the governor. Hershel thinks Glen needs to calm down, and Maggie translates all these things as being about her. Glen further adds fuel to the fire by indirectly asking Maggie what happened at woodbury, and why she was shirtless (well done einstein), which inevitably leads to the most volatile conversation of the season so far.


Glen drives off somewhere, The Governor turns up, and all hell breaks loose….

Thankfully the only person who gets hurt in the 10 minute shoot out, is that ginger prisoner who kinda looks like a paedophile that tried it on with Beth (Beth…who’s like 13). So no real harm was done.

Now we have a Prison vs. Woodbury scenario, which will no doubt escalate, and i’m hoping this means Rick will pull his shit together and let Michonne stay, and the new people (the ones Carl found) join the group.


And also someone needs to kill Andrea


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